Joe Danger is on sale!

Joe Danger 2 is GOLD on PSN!

Just a quick note to say that the original Joe Danger’s in PlayStation Store’s Summer Festival!

Until August 28 it’s available at 60% off. Here’s how the numbers work out:

Was €12.99, now €4.99
Was £9.99, now £3.99
Was AU$18.45, now AU$7.35

What’s more, PlayStation Plus members get a further 10% off!

If you’ve enjoyed Joe Danger 2 or Joe Danger Touch, here’s your chance to see where Joe’s (and Hello Games’ :D) journey began! Get it here!

by Alex

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  1. hey guys! I have a question regarding joe danger 2… how come the “undead movie pack” is only available on xbox?? the first Joe Danger on ps3 has a section for “downloadable tours” that sadly, is only there for looks, and im afraid thats what gonna happen to JD2.. I know you are doing great on ios, congrats on that btw, but please, at least release the undead movie pack on ps3 for us JD fans that can’t have enough..

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