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The unwavering eye of YouTube is always on you


Hey, so we’ve had quite a few emails and messages from YouTubers and streamers in the past about our policy on Joe Danger videos, and our answer has always been the same: go right ahead and make them!

Actually, we built YouTube sharing right into Joe Danger from the start. This was mostly because we’re massive egomaniacs, obviously, but also we really wanted Joe Danger fans to enjoy sharing videos of their pratfalls and best runs as part of the game. Video is such an important part of games culture now so we wanted it to be easy and seamless in Joe Danger. I guess it’s a nice little bonus that the word’s being spread about the games, too 🙂

Basically, with game videos everybody wins, right?

So, in part inspired by Supergiant Games’ similar line on fan videos, and Mojang’s too, we thought we’d make a public statement:

Feel free to make videos of our games on YouTube or Twitch or wherever else! And hey, go crazy and monetise them with adverts and such, as long as you include your own content as well, like audio commentary or music!

Make us some good ones! In fact, it would be so awesome if you sent us your best for us to watch and share – it’s all too easy for us to miss seeing a great playthrough! Make us jealous of your skills or just laugh – just comment below, email or tweet us at @hellogames!

by Alex


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