A couple of weeks ago we launched Joe Danger 2 on Vita, and it’s been getting some lovely reviews. With our heads in the stars, it’s great to know that Joe still gets a lot of love. Which is extra fortunate, given that he’s coming to Android really soon 😀 Anyway, here are some of the nice things people have said – if you haven’t got Joe Danger 2 for Vita yet, go get it here!

“Wonderful” 9/10 PlayStation Universe

Joe Danger 2 was already a highly charming, addictive and enjoyable title on PS3, but much like its predecessor, it finds its true home on Vita.

“A treat” 8/10 Push Square

This is a meticulous port that maintains the appeal of the original PlayStation 3 release. Perky presentation mixed with measured gameplay make for a thoroughly enjoyable arcade treat.

“Terrific fun” 8/10 Pocket Gamer

Joe Danger 2: The Movie’s oodles of content and its unique platforming/stunt racing hybrid experience makes it an undeniable hit.

“Fun and addicting” 8/10 PlayStation Lifestyle

Joe Danger 2: The Movie is a fun and addicting game that easily lives up to the energy of its prequel. Movie buffs, casual gamers, and fans of platformers should all pick up a copy of Joe Danger 2 – you won’t regret it.

“Excellent” 8.8 GamersFTW

Joe Danger 2 is an almost perfect sequel; it is bigger, better and more varied, the game builds upon the already solid foundation while maintaining what was great about the original.

“One of the best Vita titles” 4/5 Retro

Joe Danger 2: The Movie stands as one of the best Vita titles you can play right now. Its gameplay is unhindered when it comes to delivering excellent platforming fun, and its challenges will keep you coming back to get every last little thing – in which you’ll be promptly rewarded. Trust in Joe – he still knows how to make the most out of a thrill ride.

“Special” 4.3/5 The Vita Lounge

If you’ve yet to jump on the Joe Danger bandwagon then this is certainly a fantastic place to start. Joe Danger 2 is without doubt one of 2015’s first must owns for Vita.

“You need to play it” Critical Indie Gamer

Joe Danger 2: The Movie’s single-player campaign offers more than enough incentive to dust off your Vita and jump into one of gaming’s purest forms of fun. Unlike a lot a movies, this is one sequel worth seeing and playing. You need to play it.

“Outstanding” A- Gaming Age

This is a game worth checking out. The controls may have been imitated by they’ve rarely been duplicated, and they’re topped off by visuals that are second-to-none.

We got some lovely (we think?) non-English reviews, like Atomix’s 83-scored review, IGN Italia’s 8.1, and GZG’s 9/10! Thanks so much, everyone! It really means a lot!

by Alex


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