Gamescom the aftermath..

Hello everyone!

We all survived Gamescom, and it was AWESOME. Here are some things we liked about Gamescom:

1. 275,000 people attended, I’m pretty sure we demoed to every one of them.

2. Cheesy pretzels, they were GREAT.

3. Everyone is super friendly, it blows my mind how nice people are at these kind of events.

4. We got to meet Sackboy and Sonic, they’re bigger in real life.

We were really pleased with how much people enjoyed Joe Danger The Movie, we had 3 machines running multiplayer and armies of people went away with big smiles on their faces.

Here are some of the awards we won:








Lots of people from the press played too, here is what some of them said:


    •  Hookshot inc – Will Porter played Joe Danger The Movie while the entire Dev team watched him – nerve-wracking!


    •  Joystiq – Talk about where we get our inspiration


  • El33tonline – The guys at El33tonline played the game in our ‘VIP area’, surrounded by cardboard boxes and duct tape..


We were invited to talk on the Joystiq podcast, we had lots of fun, not sure they’ll ever invite us back mind 😉 You can listen to it HERE (our bit starts 1hr 22 minutes into it)


by Grant


  1. Absolutely loved Joe Danger: The Movie, can’t wait to play it again! Thanks for inviting us inside your VIP area, those beanbags were a lifesaver to our tired feet 🙂

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