Joe Danger The Movie is starting to come together, we’re so excited we can’t sleep!

We’ve made a trailer showing some bits of the game (there is plenty we aren’t showing though!) We hope it gets you as excited as we are!

Being a tiny indie studio, we don’t have anything like a marketing department, we just tell all our friends and families about things  (Hi Mum!), and hope they help us to spread the word. We really do rely on help from awesome people like yourself.

Here’s a few ways you can help us, if you want to:

  • Tweet about it.
  • Share it on Facebook.
  • Call everyone in your mobile contacts. Tell them.
  • Stand on the street corner shouting the URL, letter by letter.
  • Fake your own death, leave a mysterious note with a series of puzzles leading to the youtube link.
  • Call an elderly relative who can’t use the internet, and describe it to them.
  • Get the URL tattooed on your bottom (butt).
  • Write it on toilet walls.
by Grant


  1. Platforms of release? Would help to spread the news, knowing our targets etc.

  2. @sheldon
    judging by the youtube tags on the video, it’s xbla and psn. pc is getting the middle finger again, in case that’s your platform of choice

  3. just noticed on their homepage that jd2 is marked as an xbla title only. after screwing ps3 with the special edition of the original jd, that thing with the youtube tags would be such a great way of trolling them. maybe pc is not alone on middle fingering after all

  4. I can only dream for a Steam release and a cross-over promotion. Little tf2 figures to ride with in JDTM and the original JD helmet or tshirt for TF2.

  5. Wow… Nice made trailer… i like it and i just shared it on my facebook wall 😉

    Mickey Mouse Free Games

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