Hey everyone!

If we could fast forward time, we would fast forward to Friday the 14th of September… Because that is when Joe Danger 2 releases on XBLA. Everything between now and then will be filled with anxious waiting, which we’d rather skip thanx.

It will be 1200pts, and it will be the best thing we’ve ever done.

We’re too excited to sit still right now. We honestly cannot wait. If you are in the future reading this, and have a time machine, please do get in touch.

by Grant


  1. And on PSN?

  2. Hey, I’m writing from the future! The game is amazing, although I had to wait a little bit longer for the Steam release. It will take you about 6 months (planned release is 20th of March, actual release is 25th of April in 2013).

    Only draw back is the amount of “hackers” which rendered your online high score useless for about a week, but you’ve managed to fix it.

    Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to finish my newest track. You’ll be able to play it in May 2013.

    Until then – take care.

    PS: Please don’t touch the cake. Well, you might touch the cake, but I kindly ask you to wash your hands before using a controller again in October 2012. Otherwise the calibration of a controller will be reversed and the following events will lengthen the development time of the PC version :/.

  3. Lol, i love how on each blog post people asking about other versions and how HG ignores the shit out of everyone, good comment or bad.

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