Joe Danger 2 OUT NOW!

As developers this is the most nerve-wracking and scary time.. It’s also the most exciting time..

Joe Danger 2 is out NOW on XBLA! You can go and buy it and play it right now, for 1200 Microsoft Points!

We’re really proud of it and think you’ll enjoy it too.. Please log-on to XBLA and give the trial a go! (bonus points if you can find the hidden credits level :-D)

by Grant


  1. And there i thought it was well hidden ! Anyway the game is really cool, too bad it’s not going out on PSN. But you guys made a great job with this sequel that feels really really different, kudos on not doing an easy sequel but a whole new game !

  2. Damn that wheely is hard to control !

  3. It’s sad that all the people who made Joe Danger really popular (Playstation owners) aren’t getting it for the sequel. If you don’t think PSN owners are worthy, then my money is not worthy either. So if or when it’s released on PSN, I won’t bother either.

  4. Hello Hello, congrats on another finished game. I really hope Joe can make his way back to PSN. My four year old son Bryce is in love with part one and when I told him a year ago that their would be a sequel he was ecstatic and has asked me daily when he could play it. I can’t afford a new console right now so please please please announce a release date soon for PSN so my little Bryce wont be heart broken. Thank you.

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  6. Damn you guys for hiding the PSN Release ! That is great news for all your PSN fans !

  7. You guys really are a set of mercenaries, flitting from console to console and shafting everyone along the way, shameful.

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  9. im glad i bought xbox xbox way better then psn any day of the week wtg please keep making games for xbox only please

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