One day Dave added a new button to Joe Danger The Movie.┬áThe button was ‘B’.

When you pressed it, Joe threw a stick of dynamite. I think it’s perhaps the best thing ever.

We had a BMX that Joe cycled… and now he could throw things… so we knew we had to change the dynamite to newspapers and make a paperboy level.

We grew up playing games like Paperboy, and watching cartoons like Duck Tales, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Teenage Mutant Hero (Ninja) Turtles and Defenders of the Earth. There was something very special about the 1980s, it’s that type of “cool” that is trying so hard. It’s radical.

Poochie D from The Simpsons captures the 80s perfectly. The kung fu rapper surfer hippie, who is totally in your face.

The Paperboy level is our love letter to the 80s, we were singing cartoon theme tunes and shouting out catchphrases when we made it, and here’s what happened:

by Grant


  1. Looks beautiful, such a shame that i’ll never get a chance to play it (no console here and sadly no option to get one). Anyway, good luck with it.

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