Joe Danger Touch is a brand new game that we’ve build from the ground up specifically with lovely touch controls in mind, and we’re rather excited about it. We’re particularly excited because it comes out at midnight tonight for all iOS devices!

Here’s a trailer we made!

by Grant


  1. Hello, Joe Danger doesn’t work on the latest iPad 🙁
    Have a look at the Touch Arcade forums for more info, here’s a link.

  2. Everything about this game is fun. Playing this on my iPad and iPhone is a joyful experience. I play mostly Xbox and iOS games, so when I heard Joe Danger was making the cross over I was excited to play it. The results are more than phenomenal. This is hands down the most beautifully polished and exciting game to ever grace my mobile devices. I would recommend this game in a hummingbirds heart beat! I wish you more success at your craft and I will be looking forward to your next game!

  3. Hello Guys!

    Is there any chance that this great game will come to Android?


  4. This game is so good. First iPhone game in a long time that I’m addicted to. Very happy, awesome job.

  5. Where is the 147th coin? I have all pro medals on all levels and only 146 coins?

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