It’s spookin’ time! And to mark the season we’re doing THREE things!

First, we’re going trick or treating. Grant is dressed as Miley Cyrus, Dave is a foam finger and Ryan is Robin Thicke.

Second, we’re putting the PC editions of Joe Danger on sale at 75% off. More on that later.

Third, we’ve sent Joe Danger back to the movie lot to film the MOST TERRIFYING MOVIE OF ALL TIME in Joe Danger 2’s first add-on!

Undead Movie

The Undead Movie Pack is an add-on for Joe Danger 2: The Movie on PC, 360 and PS3, and it features 15 all-new levels across three complete tours with six new characters!

You can hunt brains as Zombie, sabotage dark rituals as the Vampire Hunter, and escape the creeping darkness as Pumpkin Head. There’s also a skeletal biker, the dread Chimpanzombie and the adorable Werebear.

Enough talk! We’ve made a trailer!


There are loads of new obstacles to avoid, like ghostly hands that slow you down and an unstoppable and unknowable ancient horror that you must run from! There’s also loads of new stuff to do, from hunting flaming skulls to smashing eldritch pentagrams. It’s basically all Grant’s dreams. There are all-new achievements/trophies to collect, too 😀

Undead Movie 2

If you’re playing on PS3 and 360, it’s already out:

Undead Movie Pack on Xbox 360
Undead Movie Pack on PS3

And if you’re playing on PC, it’s out tomorrow on Steam with a special Halloween 20% off!

What’s more, we’ve gone effectively crazy and we’re going to be offering Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie on PC at a terrifying 75% off!

Joe Danger or Joe Danger 2: normally $14.99, on sale for $3.75
Joe Danger Bundle (JD + JD2 + extras): normally $24.99, on sale for $6.25

We’re cutting our own noses off in a festival of blood here!

by Sean


  1. Hey,
    I have a small question. It’s written “There are all-new achievements/trophies to collect, too :D”. There are new achivements for the 360 version of the game but where are the trophies for the PS3 version?? They are nowhere to be found.
    If they make their way on PS3, I’ll definetely buy this DLC.

  2. When are the PC discounts going to show? Steam still shows 24.99 for the bundle …

  3. The sale will go live later today! Late afternoon or early evening (UK time)! 🙂

  4. the trophies are missing?

  5. That looks like a scary good time! lol. Thanks for the update!

  6. The DLC is no where to be found on the (NA) PS3 Store… Spooky!!

  7. DLC is also missing from the mexican psn store… just heard the news and was about to go rushing for a psn card. When is it coming out??

  8. Yeah right this is BS, I can’t find this anywhere on the American Store. At least you could answer your fans and give us a release date for NA as well as an update to the missing trophies issue. Its been almost a month, its embarrassing.

  9. hello, i read that the trophies are missing? is there any info about this?

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