No Man’s Sky

by Sean


  1. Im speechless, that trailer conveys a game that seems to get it right on some many levels. The music is awesome, the visuals breathtaking. The world building is spot on, every detail. You’ve captured what every great piece of art does, that sense of discovering a whole new reality and being able to step into it and inhabit it. I cannot wait.

  2. just perfect. good job guys.

  3. Really amazing work you have done!. It mixes sandbox with space combate simulator (something its really hard to find today)and all with nice visuals and details. Best of luck guys!

  4. Wow, saw the trailer, while completely missing that it’s from Hello Games. Then i realised it was from the legendary creators of Joe Danger and… mind blown. It really seems awesome and nowhere near something i expected from the JD devs. Congrats guys, looks breath taking. Hope to see it on PC too. 😉

  5. Good god! Lost for words.

  6. PLEEEAAASSEEEE… tell me that you will support the Oculus Rift with this and that you expect it to be available when the Rift launches (earlier would be better of course, I want to visit those worlds with the DevKit ^^).

  7. Looks awesome. I second Gerald’s comment about Oculus Rift support. It is a must.

  8. Looks amazing, I really can not wait to get this 🙂

  9. You stole the show with your game! Can’t wait for it to be released! Good job guys, keep it up!

  10. My mind is blown. Nex-gen Elite? Get it on Kickstarter so I can give you money 🙂 The scope has killed other similar projects though – I hope this one makes it!

  11. Wow! So… Xbox one? Ps4? Mac? Ios? Ouya?

  12. why arent we funding this????????????? start a kickstarter, and shup up and take my money 🙂
    also the 65 days of static song for the trailer is beyond awesome…well done guys…cant wait to play this game

  13. AMAZING!!! if you guys need money for this, you can have some of mine…

  14. Oh my lord. This is the game I’ve been wanting to play for 20 years. Someone finally made it.

  15. I will buy this so hard.

  16. If there was a kickstarter…….man, id shower you gentlemen with my money. I respect what you guys are doing and i look forward to seeing more on this game. Also good job Sean on handling yourself well during the interview with that dreadful host.

  17. This looks awesome! Really enjoyed the trailer! But the big question is – what platforms are supported?

  18. I agree with the others here – this is the game I’ve been waiting to play for 20 years. Its almost here. Exploration of a galaxy with this level of detail brings tears to my eyes. I’d like to know if planets have spaceports/towns/cities with people, whether there will be surveying of planets for resources to trade. A suggestion until the game goes live : Have a custom-built client skim over the surface of a random planet (changing hourly) that streams its view to your website – will keep us all happy until release!

  19. Please please let this be on XB1.And get a kickstarter up and running.You guys deserve my money and I wont take no for an answer. Lol

  20. I surely singed below the all comments above, with no doubt this game looks pretty awsome and promising. I’m looking forward to try it! Just want to hear more info about, planning kickstarter company, alpha-beta-testing plans, supported platforms, gameplay core features and so on. Anyway, i want to wish GOOD LUCK to this TEAM! U walking in the right direction)

  21. So, simultaneous release on PC, X1 and PS4 with modding capabilities and Occulus Rift support. Pretty please?

  22. take my money. please.

    get me into alpha testing as well =)

  23. Take my money, take it all

  24. Fantastic…this blew my mind…this will go Elite Dangerous and run for its money… David Braben will be shakin in his boots right about now! Awesome….I still can’t get over it….just release it on PC Steam first please….

  25. I really hope this game goes far. Hopefully there will be beta signups. Also, by the way it sounds they will need to have a lot of server space. Maybe it’s coming to the Xbox One because MS are implementing the 300.000 servers for Xbox Live.

  26. oh my god! love this! please come to pc, we need more information about this game!
    Good job guys! this game will be amazing!

  27. pleasssseee I need this (trailer) song!

  28. This is awesome. I would like to see this on my Xbox ONE for sure xD

  29. Looks fantastic, best of luck with it!

  30. Wow that looks great! Any idea when a beta might come out?

  31. to Rubens Cavalheiro:
    this song is truly amazing,
    65daysofstatic – debutante
    the full version is much longer then trailer’s.

  32. Procedural world….or universe….and it’s not so blocky…..very nice.
    Make it a PC, Moddable, Multiplayer, LAN and DRM free.

  33. OMG

    i fucking need this game !! 😀 it looks awesomme 🙂 hope you guys work rly fast :p haha , nah just take your time 🙂 and make this game amazing 🙂 can’t wait for this to be playable 🙂 <3 hope this commes for pc :3

  34. This is an exact sort of game i want, i do hope it comes with plenty of resource gathering and crafting, can not wait to sign up to alpha/beta test this game!!!!!!

  35. This looks like everything I have ever wanted in a game. I wish you all the luck in the world in realising your vision for this game. Make my hardcore sci-fi dreams come true!

  36. What can I do to get in on tge thing?!

  37. By the way, is there any sort of ETA window for this? Are we talking 2014, 2015 or ‘whenever’?

  38. I’ve read on previews that this is not massively multiplayer but the game BEGS for some kind of Journey/Dark Souls interactivity where you could meet one random stranger roaming the same area your are, then both could choose to cooperate ou kill each other. Wish you guys all the success!

  39. Didnt expected that from you guys. MOST of luck delivering as a playable product. Looks too good to be true 🙂

    /now back to watching silently mode.

  40. You guys made this with only 4 people? How? How did you make so many assets? Do all of you do modeling? I’m impressed to the point of being disheartened as a member of a 4 man team trying to get a game off the ground… How are you guys doing this?

  41. A idea shared (Please read and thumb up) : I really hope that gamers can have their own pets in No Man’s Sky, that they can create by investing skill points into genetic engineering and cloning. This making it possible to take genetic samples from both living and dead animals and aliens. Then choose only one after one ability top-down from both of the two unique gene stings and what the player choose will then pass over to the clone and making the clone to a really unique mix between this both original animals or aliens. But also make it difficult to mix every animal with each other, by giving every animal and alien 1 to 5 gene strings, depending how evolved the things are. So you can only mix and match between equal types of gene stings, like a 1 stringed gene with a 1 stringed gene and a 2 with a 2 and so on. Not mixing between a gene with 2 strings with a gene that has like 4 strings. This would push the players to search after two of the most lethal animals or aliens and them both having the same amount of gene strings, to make it possible for the player to grab those two unique gene samples and clone their own cloned pet. Just by finding two animals or aliens with the same amount of gene strings would be so damn rewarding. This feature would give the exploration a whole new aspect of meaning and goal, but of course there could also be a lot more into this genetic engineering. Like even make the genetic engineering even more rewarding, by giving all animals and aliens different types of genetic fat proteins from A-G (7 different types). So if the player are lucky enough to find animal genes and alien genes with both of course having 5 gene strings, for a example. But this two genes strings would also been built-up on the same D type of genetic fat protein. Then the clone would be slightly boosted up in the new stats, by the fact that the two original subjects had the same genetic fat protein and this in other hand would benefit the whole cloning process and make the clone even better then a clone made on two subjects with same type of gene strings but with two different types of genetic fat proteins. You guys make my dream about next-gen gaming to come true… THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE GAME DEVELOPMENT.

  42. This game would most definitely be the highest funded game on Kickstarter get it on there make our dreams come true.

  43. I don’t know what to say… this is truly amazing. Like a dream coming true, There were some similar games that have been introduced in the past that would implement some aspects of no man’s sky, such as infinity the quest for earth (which has not been released yet), or others like the precursors that finally became available, but nothing like the level of freedom you will be granting us. I mean, a whole universe at our reach where we could seamlessly visit every single place from the biggest star to the smallest asteroid, and actually go down our ships to explore planets by foot : this is pure greatness. Some people might think that what you are aiming to would be impossible with a 4 people team but when you think about what only one person achieved with Space Engine I know that you will make it, as you truly are determined and motivated. Keep up the good work guys, you are doing great things!! I’m dying to buy and play this game

  44. Having seen this when it was first revealed, and helped spread the word around various forums, all i can add to the massively positive responses is that know the cat is out the bag don’t forget to keep people informed about it, if you can.

    Huge buzz dies quick, so keep the coals stoked and watch how big this game can be!

  45. Be mindful that if you sell out to a console platform your game will die. The detail will be gutted, the content nixed, the combat prioritized. If you need financial assistance go to kickstarter, if this fails because you sell out the hundreds if not thousands keeping a gleaming eye on this will leave. There are a ton of other projects on the table that may lack the immersion but will make up for a folley. Keep your heads up, morals straight, and pockets clean. Good luck.

  46. Let me start by saying this game looks amazing and I also have to agree that this is a game idea I’ve been waiting years for!
    Things I’m really hoping for in this game:

    – A futuristic motorbike, upgradable to hover, go faster, easier to handle, better acceleration etc… that can be used as a quicker means of travel around planets. Other vehicles like subs/boats and controllable drill to go deep into the core. Resources can be used up and made non existent the same goes with animals.

    – Mining ores and gems, chopping down different trees and collecting of other things (similar to minecraft). These items can be used to upgrade your vehicles or be combined to make other items.

    – A personal stronghold to store items.

    – Space ports. Bigger ports are sparse throughout the universe but lots of smaller ones) also black market ports to sell rare and illegals things.

    – Bounties, if you lust for action.

    – Different currencies. Instead of using one single currency use 3 or 4 different ones for use in different parts of the universe.

    – Dying is hard due to the badass Exo skeleton suits you wear but when you do die everything held including your access to vehicles is dropped but pick up able. Since your death doesn’t show up anywhere only you know where to find your items and retrieve them.

    – What you are able to carry is actually accurate (exo skeletons make you stronger, gravity of planets effects you). So it changes from planet to planet.

    – No skill trees just Exo skeleton suits that have different skills and badass augmentations like night vision eyes, robot legs and jack hammer arms.

    – Flying space ships is hard making encounters between ships an intense, tedious and long experience if a crazy dog fight occurs.

    – Environments don’t change back, so if someone decides to use a large explosive on the universes biggest mountain they can, NPCs, and animals aren’t safe either.

    Just a few things I’m hoping for

  47. Having read the stuff on the flooding and read the latest on MS maybe offering a hand, has anyone at Hello Games given Notch a tweet/email?

  48. Having read the stuff on the flooding and read the latest on MS maybe offering a hand, has anyone at Hello Games given Notch a tweet/email?

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