So Joe Danger Infinity has been out for a little over a couple of weeks now and the reaction has been amazing! Thanks so much to all who’ve played it! (If you haven’t, it’s currently 99c/99p – go get it! 😀 )

It has been our most successful launch ever, which just bowls me over. Already Joe Danger Infinity has been the number one selling app in 17 countries! Paraguay, Germany, Finland, Italy, Guatemala and Canada, we salute you! (Plus the other 11!) It’s also reached the App Store’s top five in 70 countries! 70. That’s basically all of them?

Reviewers liked it too, saying many lovely things, like this:

“Joe Danger Infinity is a vibrant, addictive experience.”

148 Apps
“Joe Danger Infinity is a true delight.”

Slide to Play
“This is already one of the top handheld games of 2014.”

“A giddy, colourful joy of a game.”

Pocket Gamer
“Addictive, challenging, charming, and joyous.”

“The best Joe Danger yet.”

Jay is Games
“The best arcade racer on the mobile market.”

OMG thanks so much!

It's King Gumball!

It’s King Gumball!

Players have said nice things (and given it an overall rating of 4.5 stars), like:

“Spectacular wee game, one of the best on the App Store.”
“This game is incredibly enjoyable.”
“Brilliant game. Didn’t think you could get any better than the first game but they somehow have.”
“I’m 41 years young and it’s a great stress reliever. Brilliant acid trippppppp.”
“A great game from a tiny studio, keep it up!”

😀 😀

So what’s next? We’ve also already updated the game with some quick tweaks, and we’ve got loads of plans for much more, which should be coming pretty soon. We’ll let you know when once we’re sure, but they should add new modes, more stuff, more Joe!

Thanks so much for playing so far! 😀

by Sean

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  1. Any plans to add Game Centre achievements? I’m really missing being able to send my friends challenges like I did in the previous one!

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