As a designer at Hello Games, you’ll play a key role in developing innovative, meaningful and technically exciting games enjoyed by a diverse audience of millions.

We are a small team, and our designers are hands-on generalists, directly involved in feature development and implementation. We have designers with backgrounds in programming, scripting, narrative design, 3D art and more.

You will be working closely with the team on your own features from day one, and communication and collaboration is key. Experienced designers here thrive when they are able to take the passion and skill of others and bring the perspective and eye for detail to really help everyone’s work shine; while designers just beginning their career have a real opportunity to learn from a highly efficient and experienced development team at the same time as having real ownership over significant areas of the game.

● Contribute to a humble, empathetic and ambitious development team.
● As a hands-on implementer, directly create new missions, stories, expeditions or features.
● Make good use of feedback from those around you to shape your work or develop your skills.
● Collaborate with and amplify the work of coders, artists and other designers so that itreaches the player in the strongest form it can.
● Bring the player’s perspective to features as they’re developed.
● Work well with others, be self-directed, and prioritise your own workload.
● Communicate across the design and wider development team, so that everyone feels invested in and understands the direction of features as they’re developed.

● Demonstrable ability to take an idea and turn it into a game or interactive experience, either as a professional shipped game or as a self-published / university project.
● Hands-on skills, such as in mission scripting, systems implementation or technical art.
● Able to respond to (and provide) feedback constructively.
● Excellent written and verbal communication.
● Proactive approach to problem solving with good analytical skills.
● Organised, self-motivated and able to work independently.